Affiliate Link Guide

This is a guide on how you can post your Affiliate Link on your blog, website or social media.


You can post affiliate links and URLs in the explanation field (description box).

By posting affiliate links or URLs in the explanation field, you can facilitate clicks to your subscribers.


It’s helpful to mention about the link to your viewers in your video. This way, they will know to look at the description box. Here are some examples of what you could say after introducing the product you are promoting

  Ex1. Check out the link in the description below to purchase the product!
  Ex2. Check out my affiliate link below to get a special discount!

It’s good to note that excessive or pushy promotions give a negative image to the viewer. Aim to keep it natural and not excessive.


With Instagram, it is not possible to add clickable affiliate links or URLs in regular posts. (Even when the link is listed, it will not be clickable). You may however add links in Stories or in your Profile(Bio).

(1) How to add a link in your Profile

Click on ‘Edit Profile’ and add a link in the Links field.


Once the link is all set, you can let your followers know in your feed to check it out. Here are some examples:

  Ex.1: Check out link in bio!
  Ex.2: Get special discount from link in bio!

(2)How to post link on Stories

Instagram Stories are posts that are aimed at your followers and can be viewed by clicking on your profile picture. The posts have a lifespan of 24 hrs. Use the Link stamp to add links on your Story.

Follow the picture guide below.




It is possible to add links directly on the posting field.

You may add affiliate links or URLs as shown below.


When adding an affiliate link, we recommend adding a short message to describe the benefits of the product. You can also add a link to your blog where followers can read more about the product.

It’s good to remember to post regular posts without affiliate-links to keep your followers engaged and post affiliate-links occasionally


WordPress users can easily monetize their websites

Discovery Japan Partners can take advantage of the WordPress plugin; Auto Affiliate Links PRO. This plugin will automatically register or update an affiliate link on your blog/article, enabling you to easily monetize your website

Why Wp Auto Affiliate Links PRO is the best solution for blogs:

    Ad Networks are paying very low
    Blogs usually have a lot of articles
    Generate revenue from old blog posts too
    Having active affiliate links all the time
    Save time so you can focus on writing quality content
    Add termporary campaigns without worry that you have to remove the links later.