Introducing a new Affiliate Tier System!

Our new Affiliate Tier System will enable our Affiliates to receive amazing benefits according to the tier they belong to.

This will include discount coupons that can be used at our online store, or even free gifts!

What are the Tiers?

There are 4 tiers in total. Each of our affiliates will be part of a tier. Check the chart below to see the different tiers.


Which Tier do I belong to?

Your tier will be determined depending on the number of followers you have and the bonus points* you accumulate.

Tiers Conditions Benefits
Tier4 Regular Less than 1000 followers on social media and accumulated less than 3 bonus points None
Tier3 Bronze 1000 or more followers on social media and accumulated all 4 points. Receive a 5% off coupon every month*
Tier2 Silver 100,000 or more followers on social media and accumulated all 4 points. Receive a $50 coupon every month*
Tier1 Gold 100,000 or more followers on social media, accumulated all 4 points, and makes at least 1 sale per month. Receive a FREE gift.(Worth up to $200)*

    *Bonus points can be accumulated by completing the following actions:

    Add your Introduction on your DJP Dashboard
    Add your payment method - PayPal or Wise. (Japanese residents may add a Japanese bank)
    Use your Facebook or Google login details to log in to DJP
    Add the following details to your account - Full Name, Category, Website

    *Coupons are valid for a month only. They can be used on our online store
    *Delivery fees for the free gift will be covered by DJP. Custom duties and taxes are to be covered by the affiliate.


Enjoy posting!

Now that you hopefully understand what our new Affiliate Tier System is all about,

we hope you will enjoy the benefits that come with it.

Remember, the DJP team is always happy to help you out or answer your questions,

so if you need assistance, feel free to contact us!


Please check the chart above to see which tier you belong in.
If you gain enough followers and/or accumulate enough bonus points, you will be eligible to join the next tier. If however, your followers decrease or you lose points, you may be moved down a tier.
The Tier System does not apply to bloggers/website owners. Please contact us directly to discuss what benefits you may be eligible for.
Bonus points are points that can be earned by completing various tasks.