How to promote your favorite product

Step 1: Login to Discovery Japan Partner Affiliate Dashboard

If you have successfully registered, it's time for you to enter the Discovery Japan Partner Affiliate Dashboard page. Log in using the username and password that was sent to you by email.If you're successful, you can see the various menus on the dashboard, including commissions and affiliate reports.

Discovery Japan Partner URL : djp-login

Step 2: Login to Discovery Japan Mall website

Kindly take a moment to complete the registration process on the Discovery Japan Mall website. Once your registration has been successfully completed, you can immediately access your account by logging in.

Discovery Japan Mall URL : djm-login

Step 3: Browse your favorite product

Please feel free to browse and select from the extensive range of products available on Discovery Japan Mall. Our product catalog encompasses a diverse array of categories, including cosmetics, beauty products, and kitchen essentials.


As an affiliate, you have the flexibility to carefully choose your product selection, aligning it with your target audience's preferences, and promoting those items that genuinely resonate with you and your followers. This allows you to authentically endorse and market the products that best suit your niche and content style.

Step 4: Get the unique link

The next step is to get a shareable link from the product of your choice. On top of the product page, you will see a yellow bar intended for our affiliates to copy. This is a unique link made for you.


Step 5: Create Content on Social Media and Include Links

By joining the Discovery Japan Partner Affiliate Program, you are ready to promote, so the next step is to create content containing links to selected products on social media or blog.
Don't forget to make sure that your account is not private and that the shared content can be seen by everyone.


Step 6: Orders made from customers and get commission

After uploading content, the next way to use the Discovery Japan Partner Affiliate Program is to wait for customers to order products through the link you shared. If the order has been completed, you will get paid on a commission base. If a product costing 2,500 JPY (15 USD) is sold via your Affiliate Link, with the commission rate is 5%, your monetary reward will be 150 JPY (1 USD).


You can earn commissions by sharing favorite Japanese products

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